Different Ways To Know A Person You Are Dating Is A Man Or A Boy

We all have a tendency of judging the whole community of men because of one particular person who is not mature enough to handle relationships and so females usually think that every men is same but that is not the case because a man would handle a relationship way better than an immature boy

Only Cares About Himself

If a female is dating a boy then he will take her for granted and he will only care about himself and he won’t really care about his girl feels and if you are dating a Men then he will definitely care more about his girl as compared to him.

No Sacrifice

A boy never believes in making any sacrifices for his girl and he is always very stubborn in a bad way and only thinks everything according to his comfort zone and if you are dating a real men than he would be stubborn but in a good way, a way that would be good for you and he would always even sacrifice his happiness for his girl’s one smile.

Lack Of Time

If your guy is not really interested in spending time with you as compared to his friends, he will enjoy his friend’s company more than yours than he is definitely a boy because real men would always feel flattered to spend every second of their life with their girl and he will know how to exactly balance between his friends and girlfriend.

Egoistic In Bed

If he is a boy than he won’t know that pleasure comes from both the side and it’s nothing wrong if a women demands in bed according to her satisfaction and his ego would be hurt if a girl would interrupt him and suggest something but if he is gentlemen he would definitely know that it’s normal and she deserves to get satisfied too.

Support System

If you are dating gentlemen then he would definitely know that every decision his girl would be because of some reason and the reason would be definitely sensible and a boy would never understand his girl and instead of being her support system he would ask her questions and doubt her every time.

Rough Times

Every couple knows that every relationship has to go through some ups and downs and while going through those rough times some couple handles their bad days very smoothly and if that is the thing then you are definitely dating men and if things getting more rough and bad and he handles everything very badly then he is a boy who lacks understanding.

Problem Of Acceptance

Gentlemen always know to accept the flaws and the faults done by him. He will always apologize and feel guilty and make sure that he will not repeat the same mistake again and but if a girl is dating a boy then he will have a great issue on accepting his problems and flaws and he will always just say sorry but never really feel it and won’t think twice before repeating the same mistake again.

Always Confused

A Gentlemen would always know what everything exactly rather than being confused and making his girl also confused and the boy would never be sure and he will be so confused that he will also make his girlfriend confused and crazy rather than sticking to a firm decision.

Acting Like A Gentle Men

If he is really a man than he doesn’t have to pretend or act like gentlemen, he will know how to take care and open the doors for his girl and let her walk to his right side, A gentle will do all these things very easily without even trying.


Gentlemen would spoil her girl like a child and pamper her and respect her but if he is an immature egoistic boy than he would himself be a spoilt man and a brat and he won’t believe in the concept of respecting his women.

Source: Bloggersarena