20 Crazy Things We Would Never Believe Existed If They Weren’t Captured on Camera

The world is full of surprises and research has proven that the human brain actually benefits from them. It turns out that enjoying unexpected things activates our pleasure centers. Sometimes it’s really difficult to imagine that some of these things really happened, until we see the evidence with our own eyes.

Bright Side has gathered some unbelievable photos we’d like to share with you. Scroll down and get ready to be surprised!

1. This aura quartz is a literal rainbow.

2. This rock formation looks exactly like a perfect wave!

3. Curiosity caught a fly in a screen door.

4. Who are you, weird creature?

5. When trees look like inverted question marks:

6. A flower that’s decided to prove that there are no limits

7. This butterfly is half male and half female.

8. A frozen waterfall

9. A giant crystal cave, where humans feel like tiny flies

10. Is that snow or smoke coming out of the chimney?

11. Where the island meets the clouds must be magical.

12. This beach looks like a sea of stars!

13. Millions of air bubbles that got stuck under the surface of this frozen lake

14. Trees that are so straight you start feeling uncomfortable

15. A place where 2 rivers merge but their waters don’t mix

16. What are the odds?

17. Railway lines that became really moody

18. A giant heart proving that nature feels it all.

19. Some lava turned into an angry skull.

20. The rainbow eucalyptus is a real tree. It can add color to even the gloomiest day!

Which of the images surprised you most of all? Have you come across other unexpected photos? Please share them with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit u/WholeWideWorld / reddit, u/Ryanimal / reddit